Tenor Clock

Expert Local Clock Repair for all of mid-Michigan

Tenor Clock is one of Michigan's finest clock repair businesses servicing mid-Michigan. 

We specialize in repairing most antique and heirloom clocks for:
Grandfather Clocks
Grandmother Clocks
Cuckoo Clocks
Anniversary (400 Day) clocks
and many others.

Tenor Clock offers FREE ESTIMATES on repair calls. Some estimates will need to be done in person.  

We are located in Lansing, MI, and perform clock repair and service to Flint, Howell, Brighton, Grand Blanc, and all of Livingston, Ingham, Eaton and Shiawassee Counties.  

Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE or to set an appointment. 

5930 Cartago Dr.  
Lansing, MI 48911

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wear?
A mechanical clock has many gears in it.  These gears are mounted on an arbor which is a round straight piece of steel.  This arbor is held between two brass plates.  These brass plates have perfectly round holes in them that the gear arbor rotates in.  As this gear arbor rotates around for many years, it wears these round holes and they become elongated or egg shaped.

How do you fix wear?
We use a bushing machine that cuts out this elongated hole, thus making it larger.  We then press a brass bushing into that larger round hole that reduces the hole back to its correct size and also locating it back to its original position.

Do you charge for quotations?
No we do not.  All of your quotes are given free of charge with no obligation to the customer.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes we do.  If we do a complete movement restoration on your mechanical clock, we back it up with a 2 year warranty for both parts and labor.

How do I bring my grandfather clock to your repair shop?
You do not need to bring your grandfather clock to us.  We will be more than happy to come to your house or office.  There are some instances where we are able to fix your clock in your home or office.  If it does need to come to our shop for repair, we will remove the mechanical movement from the clock along with its weights, pendulum and dial and take them to our repair shop.  Once the repair is done and the clock has been tested we will return it, install it and set it up for you.  This all will be covered under our two year warranty.  There will never be any additional charges for us to visit your home or office during these two years unless something has taken place that voids the warranty.

Can you fix quartz clocks?
Yes we do.  Since there are so many different types of quartz movements, we need to look at each one so we can properly quote it.

Should I oil the clocks myself?
We do not recommend this for a couple of reasons.  First, in order to be able to get to all of the points that require oil, the mechanical movement needs to be removed from its case.  This can be tricky at times and should be left to an expert.  Most people that are not properly trained will over oil their clock.  Never attempt to oil a clock with 3-in 1 or WD-40.  Doing so will render the clock inoperable and require a complete movement restoration.

Address: 5930 Cartago Dr.  Lansing, MI 48911
Phone: 517.202.3596
Email: tenorclock@gmail.com