Tenor Clock

Expert Local Clock Repair for all of mid-Michigan

Tenor Clock is one of Michigan's finest clock repair businesses servicing mid-Michigan. 

We specialize in repairing most antique and heirloom clocks for:
Grandfather Clocks
Grandmother Clocks
Cuckoo Clocks
Anniversary (400 Day) clocks
and many others.

Tenor Clock offers FREE ESTIMATES on repair calls. Some estimates will need to be done in person.  

We are located in Lansing, MI, and perform clock repair and service to Flint, Howell, Brighton, Grand Blanc, and all of Livingston, Ingham, Eaton and Shiawassee Counties.  

Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE or to set an appointment. 

5930 Cartago Dr.  
Lansing, MI 48911

Glenn Williams, Owner 

Glenn Williams, Owner 

Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams
Owner of Tenor Clock
Member of THREE MEN and a TENOR

Loves to tinker with clocks and cars: 
Glenn Williams has been getting his fingers into most things mechanical since the age of two.  Clock repair has come naturally to Glenn, along with a fine sense of history and an appreciation for all things old.  Be assured, bringing your clock to Tenor Clock is the right decision!

Clock repair and mechanics is in his genes:
His father, while working as an aircraft mechanic, had him removing screws from low-wing aircraft since he could stand up and do it.  Naturally, things progressed to bicycles.  He and his family were very involved in collecting and restoring vintage bikes.  Then came the old cars!  He is currently restoring a 1951 Buick Rivera Super.

Music is also is his passion:
At the same time he was connected to the mechanical side of life, the other side of his brain engaged in music! 
Glenn received his BA from Michigan State University in Vocal Music Education.  He was preparing to have a career in teaching vocal music, but in 1992, Glenn and three other MSU classmates formed a vocal group called "Three Men and a Tenor" and in 1995, that became Glenn's full time job. That group is still together and has performed with Jay Leno, The Beach Boys and their show has taken them all over America. If you are interested, visit their website at www.threemenandatenor.com.   

Having a supportive family helps:
Following college, Glenn met his wife Amy at one of the Three Men and a Tenor concerts and she has supported him through both the music and the clock repair businesses. Together, they are raising their son Matthew, who is very involved in scouting and sports keeping Glenn and Amy very busy.


Address: 5930 Cartago Dr.  Lansing, MI 48911
Phone: 517.202.3596
Email: tenorclock@gmail.com